You’ve seen her blaze souls and transform lives. Now it’s your turn to experience the complete mind, body, and soul revitalization that will sharpen your vision, boost your business, energize your emotions, and ignite passion and purpose in your relationships.

You’re here because you’ve purchased Lisa Haisha’s comprehensive 10-disc audio life course (and if you haven’t purchased it yet, you can do so at the
Soul Blazing Boutique!) Hollywood counselor to the stars Lisa Haisha will help you Soul Blaze the 9 dimensions of your life that determine your success and inner fulfillment, including: Creativity, Health, Productivity, Finance, Success, Legacy, Spirituality, Communication, and Giving.

Once you’ve registered and logged in, you’ll find a wealth of resources, organized by disc. This material is available only to owners of the 10-disc course. In order to access registration, you’ll need to get the INVITE CODE from your companion booklet. Simply turn to page 23, and enter the word that you find immediately under the title “Soul Work:” (in blue).

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